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The present project reports on the notability of ICT which are fundamental for every educational process in the contemporary European technological society. It is provoked by the evident need for a higher quality, attractiveness and accessibility of the possibilities for education of youths and their professional realization in the European Union.
The project “Integrated IT training through specialized software for professional realization in Europe of knowledge” relies on the opportunities for sharing good practices in Vocational training in ICT field in Bulgaria and Germany. The project is for education of pupils between 14 and 19 years old for 3d modelling and animation / operating program Cinema 4d/ and Java Programming. There are formed two groups of pupils for both programs - 10 pupils altogether, and three of them are with special needs /blind ones/. There is organized a three-week period of professional training for participants, selected in a preliminary competition in both Varna and Plovdiv between trainee - pupils from the Vocational Training Centre at Exupery Private School Specialized in Computer Studies and Social Communications, Varna and pupils from Mathematics High School, Plovdiv.

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