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This is a multicultural and multilingual project that aims at preserving the knowledge of the pupils for their own historic, cultural and mainly folklore heritage and challenge their natural curiosity for otherculture treasures and the outer world as a whole. The globalization process that occurs in Europe (and not only) should not be a reason for people to lose their national and specific characters and identity, on the contrary - the main object of the project is to form conscious and tolerant young citizens of the world who will educate themselves on spontaneous communication with those who are different and however be able to search and find similar features amongst them. Even though we are all different we could get united in our diversity and the folklore could make us find out that we got a lot in common. The teachers will have the opportunity to exchange experience of teaching and applying the folklore in order to keep the students interested in their own traditions and make them willing to explore what other countries have exposed in the Art, Culture and Folklore gallery of Europe. The students will become familiar with the folklore traditions, music, handicrafts of other European countries.

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