• Coordinator: Staatliche Fachoberschule Friedberg, Friedberg, Bayern, Germany – Monika Uhlemair
    Liceo Scientifico Statale “Carlo Cafiero”, Barletta, Italy – Francesco Mascolo, Charlotte Watson
    Escola ES/3 de Carvalhos, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal – Maria Manuela Mendes
    Stredn á priemyselná škola hutnícka, Košice, Slovakia – Monika Židziková
    OSG ”Willem Blaeu”, The Netherlands – Elbert Veel
    Uşak İmam-Hatip Lisesi ve Anadolu İmam-Hatip Lisesi, Uşak, Turkey – Ziya Alagöz
    Colegio Agustín Gericó, Zaragoza, Spain – BEGOÑA Gomes Rodrigo
    Exupery Private High School specialized in Information Technologies and Public Relations, Varna, Bulgaria – Velichka Angelova
    With this project we provide improvements for the students and teachers in the following fields: Didactics, teaching and learning methods, improvement of knowledge and social skills. The participating students will learn how to communicate effectively in general and especially in an intercultural context as well as with new media.

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    YOUNG MOBILE EUROPEANS – EUROPE IN MOTION Coordinator: IV Liceum Ogólnokształcące w Grudziądzu, Grudziadz, Poland Partners: Liceo Scientifico Statale “Galileo Galilei”, Potenza, Italy Hermann-Gundert-Schule, Calw, Germany IT High School Exupery, Varna. Bulgaria Hüseyin Bürge Anadolu Lisesi, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Споделени ресурси за ползване от Гимназия "св. св. Кирил и Методий" - гр. Цариброд

  • The present project reports on the notability of ICT which are fundamental for every educational process in the contemporary European technological society. It is provoked by the evident need for a higher quality, attractiveness and accessibility of the possibilities for education of youths and their professional realization in the European Union.
    The project “Integrated IT training through specialized software for professional realization in Europe of knowledge” relies on the opportunities for sharing good practices in Vocational training in ICT field in Bulgaria and Germany. The project is for education of pupils between 14 and 19 years old for 3d modelling and animation / operating program Cinema 4d/ and Java Programming. There are formed two groups of pupils for both programs - 10 pupils altogether, and three of them are with special needs /blind ones/. There is organized a three-week period of professional training for participants, selected in a preliminary competition in both Varna and Plovdiv between trainee - pupils from the Vocational Training Centre at Exupery Private School Specialized in Computer Studies and Social Communications, Varna and pupils from Mathematics High School, Plovdiv.

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    Each year the European programme “Socrates” provides the students and teachers from all over Europe with the opportunity to participate in school projects. In brief, “Socrates” finances the accomplishment of the best ideas that were submitted for application in the separate sub-programmes. For more information on the application terms refer to the official web site of the  National Agency http://hrdc.bg/

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    This is a multicultural and multilingual project that aims at preserving the knowledge of the pupils for their own historic, cultural and mainly folklore heritage and challenge their natural curiosity for otherculture treasures and the outer world as a whole. The globalization process that occurs in Europe (and not only) should not be a reason for people to lose their national and specific characters and identity, on the contrary - the main object of the project is to form conscious and tolerant young citizens of the world who will educate themselves on spontaneous communication with those who are different and however be able to search and find similar features amongst them. Even though we are all different we could get united in our diversity and the folklore could make us find out that we got a lot in common. The teachers will have the opportunity to exchange experience of teaching and applying the folklore in order to keep the students interested in their own traditions and make them willing to explore what other countries have exposed in the Art, Culture and Folklore gallery of Europe. The students will become familiar with the folklore traditions, music, handicrafts of other European countries.

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    On 6 February 2007 we will be celebrating Safer Internet Day (SID). Students from IT High School Exupery and Media Gymnasiet will be partners and will work on a project on the topic of one of the themes in the competition - "Power of images".

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